Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Blue and Orange!

Environment of blue and orange... 
look at from a distance    :)

I sat in Photoshop and it all just slowly came together bit my bit ....  i can see it isn't a fine tuned piece but it has an element of ( i want to share this with you)

There's actually a small woman on top of the flying saucer (Looking) rock    :3


Monday, 3 December 2012

Conversion, Attaching and Unwrapping

Using my Barrel and crate, i'm going to show you how to convert your geometry accordingly to then give them a basic texture.

So i was given 200 tris to play with to make a barrel and a crate, i also had the limitation of using one 512x512 (pixels) texture sheet for the both.
i made a fairly simple barrel, and a fairly simple crate, however the crate took a little more thinking.

i made a quick 8 sided cylinder with 2 segments running around the cylinder horizontally.

This is what it looks like.
What comes next!??!?!!

well i have to convert the geometry into an "Editable (not Edible) poly.

Have your shape selected, then right click, when the little menu appears find the option convert to ( right at the bottom)

< In this menu is where you will find editable poly, you click it and you've officially converted it.

using the modifier menu ( the little window that looks like a square with a blue shaded rainbow in)
you will find that you can use the edge face and vertex options. For my barrel im going to use the edges.

select top and bottom edges none of the vertical ones and scale them together evenly

No further detail should be needed. ( to make a realistic barrel i suggest you use a higher poly method and the tool inset, which i used on my crate.

So make a box and convert it to an editable poly.

Select all the faces and find the button inset located in edit polygons

click the little box next to the word inset  and
Make sure the icon with the 4 squares  on with the arrow says by polygon and not by group. when you hover over the one below it 2 arrows pop up simply slide it to the right and you should have extra polygons making your crate look more like a crate.
Apply changes with the green tick, and then extrude the selected polygons back on themselves to make a satisfying looking crate.

Now to make both the barrel and crate the same object. 
Click off of the face pannel but keep the current object selected. Find the option attach

Click the barrel and you're done presto they're all the same object.

(At this point you can also group, but this doesn't attach it simply makes both objects move as one)

now they're one object you can unwrap
go to
> modifier list
> Unwrap UVW
> Face

open UV Editor

Select them all and drag them away from the box, this box is where your end product goes

As you see all the selected  in the uv editor have also selected all the geometry on your actual objects.

Selecting just the crate and moving it has taken it away from the barrel thus letting you unwrap them one at a time.


now just to use planar and cylinder.

the 5 faces that where facing towards me and the ones on the opposing sides then quick planaring them to get this. ( scale and place in the box)


select all the faces on the barrel and find this button in the modifier area called projection.

CYLINDRICAL ... Click it and then simply click back off of it.

you get an enlarged version of this grid, scale it down and add it to your uvw template.

when you're done go to tools in the UV editor and click
you should get another pop up box change the spec's to 512x512 or whatever the specification you're using, save as a Jpeg.(image file will do)..etc

 open in photo shop and draw all over it.
This is my texture map. saved as a PSD.

open 3dsmax and Right click on the Unwrap UVW option to collapse all and make the objects useable.

 Click 'M' shortkey for material editor and click on the first empty sphere.
now add a standard diffuse map
click the box next to diffuse add a bitmap and find where you saved your photoshop texture.
once added the sphere should look like this.
 Drag the material from the sphere onto your objects, they should go grey.
to see them you much click on the show standard map in viewport button.
finally you should end up with this!

This is my Barrel and crate eventually with my hand painted textures accompanying them.

My poly count was 

so i think i did alright, alas i did not reach my 200 limit and i did my barrel and crate quite heartily as well.

Thank You again  


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I Love Cars

 SO... Hey again.

I'm a Huge Disney Pixar fan and i decided that i'm going to model Luigi !

This is where i am at the moment.

I know at the moment i need to work on the topology of the mouth and obviously get the tires in, but i'm enjoying this self given task so much i hope to have an end product that looks much much more like the model of luigi in disney pixar cars!

Im also modelling Luigi kind of high poly for personal satisfaction as i enjoy making things look pretty!. 

This is luigi so far still not unwrapped -.- and his beret isn't attached to the model for colour purposes 

Thanks for looking at my random model of the week, shall be doing more though!


Monday, 26 November 2012

Rubbish box

                                 Hello Again!

The task that i was given this time was to create a photo-realistic rubbish box that will be used in a 3rd person game, and it's not just any photo realistic rubbish box it's one that was issued to me as a brief by the leamington spa Games developers Blitz games.

In this task i had to create a photo realistic box which contained a rubbish bag  (rubbish box). 

The constraints in this task were to have the box and all the included geometry in, at 500 tris or close; But not over.
Also i had a constraint of 1: 1025x1025 diffuse texture map; meaning that no other maps could be used on this particular project. eg normal maps/opacity maps.....

So for photorealistic you obviously need photo's of your reference imagery, the college shop people kindly lent some of the empty boxes, bits and bobs so pictures were taken especially for reference imagery and also to be used on my diffuse texture map.



So here is my totals, leaving me with 28 spare triangles on my trash box and contents.

Although i am in my budget it would have been nicer to have taken advantage of those last 28 triangles, but i just couldn't find a place for them to fit as i was happy with my results.

As i unwrapped my geometry it looked like this. why ? well i find things easier to unwrap and texture when they all have their own individual space/ place in 3dsmax.

When i was unwrapping i took everything out of the checked box so that when it comes to scaling them and placing them nicely in the box i  wouldn't have individually select every face that was overlapping other faces again.

Thus making the process a little less time consuming.

This UVW texture Unwrap map is my template for my final texture, this is how i know where the edges on my geometry are so i can match them up (almost) seamlessly for my end render.

My Texture map complete with the Brands modified so that if needs be the box can be used. ( even though there a probably more things i would have to consider before using the box in a game)

These are my final box renders. ( used a skylight for light shadowing)

Thanks for taking the time to look at my post.